Procurement Methods

We know that procurements can be difficult to navigate but no matter what your previous procurement experience might be we are here to assist and provide guidance on federal requirements.

Recipients may choose from the following procurement methods, provided they comply with the recipient’s State and local laws and regulations. Micro and small purchase thresholds may vary by State and local governments. If a State has lower threshold requirements than the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has established, the recipient must comply with those State levels. However, the FTA threshold is a ceiling, and procurements using FTA funds that exceed the FTA threshold will not be considered micro-purchase or small purchases, even if the State threshold is higher.

After completing an Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) Form and selecting your Procurement Method,  coordinate with your NCTCOG Project Manager to ensure your procurement will meet all Federal regulations.

Informative chart regarding procurement methods and their amounts and guidance. For more information please contact Vivian Fung at 682-433-0445

NOTE: All procurements that exceed the micro-purchase threshold should undergo a procurement review by NCTCOG Procurement Staff prior to the release of any solicitation documents.

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