Broadband Planning

Connected Vehicles traveling down a highwayNorth Texas is involved with the review and assessment of regional planning efforts to develop broadband across North Texas as public infrastructure.

Broadband planning efforts currently include coordination of data, a policy committee, a legislative program, and coordinated outreach to public an private community representatives.

Broadband submitted for Regional Transportation Council Review

The RTC's members oversee metropolitan transportation planning process as locally elected or appointed officials from around the region including representatives from each of the area's transportation providers. NCTCOG has requested the RTC's consideration and engagement of  regional broadband planning.

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Broadband Planning in North Texas
Summary of the "state" of  involvement in broadband and digital equity in the Dallas-Fort Worth communities.

               Summary of Broadband Priorities and Status of Activities

MPA UTD Academic Prospectus

The University of Texas at Dallas, Masters of Public Affairs created Broadband analysis around the Spring 2024 capstone. The overview explores the role of broadband as a public good, while the strategy presents extended funding analysis and case studies.

Broadband Policy Overview UTD                           Broadband Regional Strategy UTD


Staff Contact: Natalie Bettger