Texas Compatible Use Forum

The Texas Compatible Use Forum is a collective of entities in Texas working on Compatible Use Planning or Joint Land Use Studies to support the military mission and growth of communities surrounding military installations. All planners, elected officials, base personnel, and interested parties are invited. To receive meeting notices, please email Kyle Roy.

The group meets the first Thursday of February, May, August, and November at 10:00 am Central Time via Zoom. Occasional in-person meetings are held at conferences or summits.

This page will be used to share resources among the group. Please send new or updated information to Kyle Roy at kroy@nctcog.org.

Shared Resources

Contact ListLast updated May 2, 2024
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Meeting Information

May 2, 2024
Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute Presentation: Communicating Compatible Use Through Web-Based Maps
Community Noise Mitigation Presentation: Program Update

February 2, 2023
Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute Presentation
North Texas Presentation