Dallas - Omni/DART Convention Center

Aerial view of the Omni Center

2009-2010 Call for Projects
Status: Cancelled in Phase 2

The Omni/DART project is a redevelopment of a surface parking lot near the Dallas Convention Center into a 23-story hotel with a parking garage. The infrastructure project includes sidewalks and open green space stretched along South Lamar Street. Light installation and signage around the entrance of the DART Convention Center Station are designed to promote pedestrian circulation and safety. The design components include lighting, landscaping, and attractive public spaces. 

This project  is located near various green spaces and parks in the Downtown Dallas area, as well as the Downtown Dallas Historic Area and Dallas City Hall.  Other points of interest include the "Giant Eyeball" sculpture and the JFK Memorial Plaza, which are both approximately .25 mile from the project. 

Mixed-use Information

  • 2,877 sq. ft. of  retail
  • 19,820 sq. ft. of restaurant space 
                 Dallas Omni Hotel Map Overview
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