Mesquite - Thomasson Square

This is an image of the development at Thomasson Square

2009-2010 Call for Projects
Status: Complete

The Thomasson Square Infrastructure project is an improvement of a corridor along Gus Thomasson Road to support vertical and horizontal mixed-use development at Thomasson Square. The project includes street construction, pedestrian improvements, traffic signalization, and landscaping. The streets improvements also include a pedestrian walkway and a bike lane. The project is located adjacent to Vanston Park, which features a track and football field, baseball fields, a swimming pool, and tennis courts. Developments along the Gus Thomasson Corridor include ground level shopfronts with commercial, office and residential spaces above. Various fast food restaurants, local businesses, Walgreens Pharmacy, and a Family Dollar are all connected via sidewalk through this project. 

Mixed-use Information

  • 4,500 sq. ft. of  office space
  • 168 residential units
  • 9 live/work units 
Aerial graphic of Mesquite's Thomasson Square
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