Dallas - The Collective

2009-2010 Call for Projects 
Status: In Progress


The Collective Mixed Use Project in Dallas includes design and implementation of bicycle facilities and pedestrian improvements along Fort Worth Ave., Colorado Blvd., Bahama Dr., and Plymouth Rd.

This project will create bicycle and pedestrian connections on Bahama Dr. and the Coombs Creek Trail Extension that will then connect the project to Coombs Creek Trail and the nearby Annie Stevens Park. This project will also better connect surrounding neighborhoods and apartment complexes to various commercial amenities. Various restaurants, Aldi, Big Lots, and Home Depot will be accessible by biking or walking.

The project cost of $2,482,813 was funded through public-private partnerships.

Mixed-Use Information 

  • 58,834 sq. ft. of Commercial space
  • 7,000 sq. ft. of Green space
  • 299 Residential units
Aerial graphic of Dallas' The Collective development
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