Dallas - The Cedars South Side

                                 Dallas Cedars South Side neighborhood
              This is a photo of DART's Cedar Station
              This is a photo of the South Side at Lamar apartments
Images courtesy of NCTCOG

2000-2001 Call for Projects
Status: Complete

The Cedars South Side Pedestrian and Bicycle Sustainable Development project was a joint venture project supported by DART and the City of Dallas. The goal for the project was to continue developing the area around the South Side on Lamar Street into a dense mixed-use development consisting of residential units, commercial spaces, an entertainment district, Dallas County Community College District, and Cedars Station. This station provides the area with a direct link to DART’s Red and Blue rail lines as well as the Blue and Green bus routes.
With the help of the Cedars South Side Project, critical infrastructure was provided to integrate local transit services, promote multiple travel modes, and decrease vehicle trips. The project has also promoted multimodal access connections to local homes and businesses, including the South Side at Lamar apartments and the Dallas Police Department.
NCTCOG and the City provided funding for bicycle/pedestrian  infrastructure improvements and streetscaping to increase usability and safety for nonmotorized users. The project added bicycle lanes along both roadways and improvements on pedestrian walkways. With the added infrastructure and improvements, the local residents can more safely and comfortably access the mixed-use sites and public transportation nodes.

The project cost of $5,665,213 was funded through public-private partnerships. 

Mixed-Use Information

  •  375,000 sq. ft. of Retail space
  • 300,000 sq. ft. of Entertainment space
  • 1,900 Residential units 
Map showing the location of the Dallas Cedars South Side Streetscape and surrounding development
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