Stormwater Training Series
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

The “Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination” video is a tool to train non-stormwater municipal personnel to be able to recognize and report water pollution while traveling the community to conduct municipal business. 

The target audience for this video includes all municipal employees that do not have direct stormwater inspection responsibilities, particularly in functions that include field work, such as building codes inspection and CIP/engineering/public works inspection that frequently visit construction sites,and also employees in areas such as animal services, street maintenance, public works, water utilities, fire marshals, police and fire departments, code compliance, health inspections, etc who travel throughout the community regularly.

IDDE DVD frames

Video Title Description Ordering Information
Stormwater Training Series: Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Video Length: 7 min
This video is available as a streaming video as well as on DVD with downloadable video files.
Please email EandD@nctcog.orgto order this DVD.
Introduction A general orientation that presents an introduction to Stormwater pollution and its impacts on water bodies that receive runoff.  
The Problem This segment provides a general overview of the possible problems caused by water pollution and gives a foundational knowledge of stormwater issues and regulations.  
Commercial This segment provides examples of commercial sites with illicit discharges and provides tips on what to keep an eye out for. Examples include concrete pouring, stormwater erosion controls, restaurants, and leaking dumpsters and drums.  
Residential This segment provides examples of residential areas with illicit discharges and provides tips on what to keep an eye out for. Examples include lawn care, car care, suspicious hoses or pipes, and pools.  
Reporting Stormwater Issues This segment explains what to do if you notice stormwater pollution or an illegal discharge.  

To purchase the video, and for any additional information, please email or call (817) 695-9210.


Produced by the North Central Texas Council of Governments under the Regional Stormwater Management Program.