2015 LiDAR

2017_LiDAR.jpgIn 2015, the North Central Texas Council of Governments facilitated the cooperative purchase of 0.5-Meter LiDAR (4PPM) for 2,404 square miles of the NCTCOG region. 

The contractor for this project was Woolpert. LiDAR data were collected during two timeframes, January-March 2015 (leaf-off) for the Metroplex portion of the flight and Summer 2015 for the outer county areas (assessing lake levels) and are available for purchase via DFWMaps Marketplace according to the following price schedule.

The LiDAR data are sold in  3,000' x 2,000' tiles, or 0.215 square miles. Sample files and a shapefile of the tile structure may be downloaded below.

LiDAR Sample - LAS Format
SDCP Index Grid


Camera Leica ALS70-HP LiDAR System
Nominal Pulse Spacing 0.5 Meter, 4 points per meter
Accuracy 9.25 cm vertical accuracy
Relative Accuracy <=6 RMSEz within individual swaths and <=8 cm within swath overlap
Measurement Rate 500 kHz
Returns up to 5
Capture January-March 2015 for inner metroplex acquisition, Summer 2015 for outer county lake-level acquisition
Ground Conditions Leaf off; free from snow, haze, fog, or dust;  streams within normal banks
Coordinate System Texas State Plane, North Central Zone
Horizontal Datum NAD 83
Vertical Datum NAVD88
Units US Survey Feet
Breaklines Hydrologic flattening
Format LAS 1.2, classified text file, bare earth DEM, first return DSM
Classification Data are classified according to ASPRS classification standards with 80% of buildings identified

More information on the 2015 project can be found in the project level metadata.

For questions regarding the 2015 LiDAR project, send us an email.