May 2022 Meeting Presentations

Presentation Links

Modeling & Data for All Hazards of Texas - Brent Porter - Center for Space Research, UT Austin
Machine Learning for Improved LiDAR Point Classification - Keith Owens - Fugro
Delineating the Public Use Microdata Areas for the 2020 Census - Po-Chun Huang, Ph. D. - Texas Demographic Center, UTSA
Waze Travel Time/Congestion Poller - Helen Zhou & Daniel Burnham - City of Arlington
GIS for Communication of Projects - Kevin Babcock & Haley Salazar - City of Denton
Fire Tactical Response Guide Solution using ArcGIS Online Web Apps - Kristina Deitz, GISP & Captain Keil Baldia - City of Plano
Spatial Data Cooperative Program - Overview & Special Use Cases - Shelley Broyles & James McLane - NCTCOG
Maintaining 9-1-1 Data Integrity Using FME - Bruno Blanco - NCT 9-1-1
What's New in ArcGIS Q1 2022 - Pamela Kersh - ESRI

Meeting Agenda with Abstracts