Regional Emergency Preparedness Program

The Regional Emergency Preparedness Program is one of the largest and most effective programs of its kind in the United States. Bringing together urban, suburban, and rural jurisdictions, the program facilitates information sharing, collaboration, and cooperation between jurisdictions in a politically neutral and supportive environment. The resulting planning, projects and programs help build both local and regional capabilities, and enhance the protection of our North Central Texas populations and critical infrastructure. Program member services include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Program Support
    • Assist jurisdictions with understanding state and federal requirements
    • Assist with grant writing and grant management for a wide variety of grants
      • Homeland Security, Assistance to Firefighters, Mitigation, others
        • Requirements, information bulletins, eligibility, deadlines, reviews
      • FEMA Technical Assistance facilitation
      • Foundation research tool (on-site, NCTCOG)
      • Grant training
    • Schedule, procure, and provide a variety training opportunities
    • Provide supplemental administrative support personnel for your emergency management efforts during major emergencies
  • Meetings, Workgroups, and Special Event Facilitation
    • Facilitate workshops to address member needs and concerns
      • Integrated Warning Team (IWT), mutual aid, response, requested topics
    • Provide online invitation & RSVP services
    • Provide rosters/contact data base assistance
    • Provide NCTCOG meeting room (space available) and support
    • Provide a variety of administrative support, information and resource facilitation services
    • Personnel and resource support for special events
    • Technology Support for Regional Emergency Management
      • GIS Mapping
      • Webpage hosting for regional special projects
      • Listserv hosting and management
    • Advocacy and liaison services when appropriate
    • 24 Hour electronic Point of Contact Directory (paper copy by request only)
    • Cooperative purchasing service through the North Texas Share Program
    • Exercise planning assistance, moulage assistance (as available, limits apply)
    • Membership website

For more information contact:
Candice Forsyth