Criminal Justice FY20 Funding Recommendations

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is responsible for setting local justice-related priorities, reviewing and prioritizing our region’s funding requests, and recommending priorities for Office of the Governor’s Public Safety Office/Criminal Justice Division (PSO/CJD) funds.

PSO/CJD will verify the eligibility, reasonableness and cost-effectiveness of all grant applications and submit eligible applications to NCTCOG for scoring.  Grant applications are reviewed and scored by the Criminal Justice Policy Development Committee (CJPDC). Those scores set the priority rankings which are then approved by NCTCOG’s Executive Board. The Committee is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of NCTCOG's Executive Board.

A recommendation for funding does not guarantee that your project(s) will be funded.

PSO/CJD’s Executive Director will consider NCTCOG rankings along with other factors and make all final funding decisions. Other considerations may include cost effectiveness, overall funds availability, PSO/CJD or state government priorities and strategies, legislative directives, need, geographic distribution, balance of focuses and approaches, or other relevant factors.

PSO/CJD may not fund all applications or may only award part of the amount requested. In the event that funding requests exceed available funds, PSO/CJD may revise projects to address a more limited focus.  Per Rule 3.9 of the Texas Administrative Code, all funding decisions made by PSO/CJD’s Executive Director are final and are not subject to appeal. The receipt of an application by PSO/CJD does not obligate PSO/CJD to fund the grant or to fund it at the amount requested.

Below you will find NCTCOG's priority rankings for General Victim Assistance, Violence Against Women Justice and Training, Juvenile Justice, and Criminal Justice Program - Justice Assistance Grant applications.

Important Notice

“After the CJPDC prioritizes the grant applications and the COG's governing body approves the priority listing, the COG submits the written priority listing to PSO/CJD.  Based upon the COG's priority listing, PSO/CJD will verify the eligibility, reasonableness and cost-effectiveness of the proposed project, and the availability of funding, and will render final funding decisions on these grant applications.  The COG will notify grantees of any changes in the funding recommendations.”

Contact Information
Kelly Schmidt, Criminal Justice Program Administrator
Phone 817-608-2383