Criminal Justice FY15 Grant Awards

Each new funding cycle, the Criminal Justice Policy Development Committee (CJPDC) reviews and scores all eligible applications submitted to the Office of the Governor's Criminal Justice Division (CJD). Once scores are completed, the Regional Priorities for each funding source are presented to NCTCOG's Executive Board. The Board then approves the priorities prior to submission to CJD.

CJD then reviews the prioritized applications for eligibility, reasonableness, cost-effectiveness, and the availability of funding. They then render final funding decisions on the grant applications. Once CJD has completed this review process, they notify applicants with a grant award.

FY 2015 Grants Awarded in the NCTCOG Region 
General Victim Assistance Projects  
Violent Crimes Against Women Projects  
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Projects  
Justice Assistance Grant Projects 

Contact Information
Kelly Schmidt, Criminal Justice Program Administrator
Phone 817-608-2383