North Central Texas Clean School Bus Program

This is an image of a drawing of a yellow school busThe purpose of this program is to reduce emissions from school bus fleets and improve air quality in the DFW region. Improving air quality will help the region attain the federal air quality standards as well as reduce health impacts associated with poor air quality. Sign up for the Clean Buzz newsletter here.

Program Goals

  • Provide grant funding for projects that reduce emissions from older, high-emitting school buses. Click here for funding opportunities.

  • Provide educational materials to schools, school districts, and school bus operators about various clean school bus options that can improve school bus fleets, benefit the environment, and protect the health of school aged children. Learn about alternative fuel school buses [PDF], including the most common alternative fuel option in Texas, propane school buses.

  • ​​Promote discounted purchasing options for available electric, propane, and natural gas buses through North Texas Share.

  • Promote implementation and enforcement of anti-idling policies for school buses and all other vehicles that operate within a school zone.

Get Involved!

  • Parent Teacher Associations and other affiliated groups are encouraged to get involved by establishing anti-idling campaigns, including Engine Off North Texas and IdleBox.

  • Talk with school transportation providers to encourage the use of the cleanest school bus technologies available using resources on the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

School districts in North Texas are operating more Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses than any other region in Texas! NCTCOG has helped these alternative fuel bus fleets grow by providing grant funds in order to help local independent school districts obtain funds for the purchase of CNG & LPG buses, as well as hybrid-electric buses. For more information about previous funded grant projects, click here.

This is an image of a graph of the distribution of liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas school buses across texasMap of school bus funding in the North Texas Region.

Other Resources

For more information, please contact staff at

For more information about cleaning up school buses in Texas, check out the short video above from the Environmental Defense Fund.