FW to Laredo High-Speed Transportation Study

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The Fort Worth to Laredo High-Speed Transportation Study, completed in early 2020, analyzed various high-speed modes and corridors between Fort Worth, Waco, Temple/Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, and Laredo to include in a future Tier 2 Environmental Analysis. This study was completed by NCTCOG in partnership with other Metropolitan Planning Organizations (listed above) along the Interstate Highway 35 corridor. 

High-Speed Modes

The high-speed modes considered in the Fort Worth to Laredo High-Speed Transportation Study are the following:

Source: AECOM, Executive Summary

Executive Summary                    Technology Review and Design Criteria

Previous Studies Review Memorandum                    Alternatives Analysis Memorandum


Previous Studies

Texas-Oklahoma Passenger Rail Study (TOPRS)
Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision (2017)

Contact Information

Brendon Wheeler
Program Manager