High-Speed Rail

In concert with national efforts to foster the development of high-speed rail across the US, leaders throughout Dallas-Fort Worth have been working for several years to bring high-speed transportation options to, from, and within the region.

Current Regional High-Speed Transportation Efforts:

Completed by NCTCOG in early 2020

Determinated the feasibility of high-speed transportation between Fort Worth, Waco, Killeen/Temple, Austin, San Antonio, and Laredo
  Commenced by NCTCOG in spring 2020   Received Record of Decision and Final Rule of Particular Applicability from the Federal Railroad Administration on September 10, 2020


Congressionally-Designated High-Speed Rail Corridors

Source:  "Vision for HIGH-SPEED RAIL in America" strategic plan, Federal Railroad Administration, 2009


Regional Plan for High-Speed Rail Corridors

Source: Mobility 2045, NCTCOG, 2018


High-Speed Modes


While the Dallas to Houston High-Speed Rail project has selected high-speed rail as its mode, the Dallas to Fort Worth and Fort Worth to Laredo studies review the following high-speed technologies as part of each study analysis.

Imagery provided by NCTCOG staff, Schon Noris Photography, Texas Central Partners, Ren Long/China Features Photos, AECOM


General Planning Timelines Related to the Typical Development Process


Kevin Feldt, AICP
Program Manager