Separation Portal

Separation Pay

Your final paycheck will be direct deposited to the account(s) we have on file.  Payment for accrued and unused vacation leave, up to the maximum accumulation limit, will be included in the final paycheck.  The charts below indicate the maximum accumulation limits, in accordance with the Agency’s vacation leave policy. If repayment for tuition reimbursement or relocation reimbursement is owed, this amount will be deducted from your final check.  Additionally, any remaining balance in your United Way pledge may be deducted from your final check, if applicable. 

Employees Hired Before May 3, 2003
Years of  Leave Eligibility Maximum Accrued Hours at Separation
5 or less 240
Greater than 5 but less than 10 360
10 and over 480


Regular and Temporary Full-Time Employees Hired After May 3, 2003
Years of Leave Eligibility Maximum Accrued Hours at Separation
5 or less 80
Greater than 5 but less than 10 120
10 and over 160


Leave Time

Unused sick leave, compensatory leave and personal days will be canceled upon termination of employment. 


Your medical, dental and vision benefits are effective through the last day of the month in which you separated employment with NCTCOG.

If you terminate participation in the Health Care or Dependent Care Spending Account at any time during the year, you may submit a claim for reimbursement of eligible expenses after your participation ends.  The expenses must have been incurred prior to termination of your plan participation and they must be submitted for reimbursement within 90 days of termination of your plan participation.  Information on your COBRA rights is included below, but you can expect to receive a complete packet of information from our healthcare provider, TX Health Benefits Pool (formerly TML Health), within ten to fourteen days after your separation date.  If you need to access COBRA benefits prior to receiving your information packet, or if you have questions relating to your health benefits, please contact TX Health Benefits Pool at 1-800-282-5385 or visit TX Health Benefits (

Continuation of Coverage Information Packet

MissionSquare (Formerly ICMA-RC)

If you are not interested in leaving your account active until retirement, the following packets contain information on your options. Most of your questions can be answered in the information packet; however, you can contact MissionSquare with your retirement questions at 1-800-669-7400.  You also have the option of accessing your retirement account online at MissionSquare Retirement | MissionSquare.

401 Withdrawal/Rollover Packet (Plan Number 108348) 

457 Withdrawal/Rollover Packet (Plan Number 300907) 

The balance of your payroll deducted loans are not deducted from your final check.  Two options are available to you upon separation: write a lump sum check to NCTCOG on or before your last date of employment for the amount owed, or receive a 1099 from MissionSquare.  Please also note, if you have had a break in eligibility for the 401A of more than five years, vesting percentages will need to be verified with Human Resources. 

Tuition Reimbursement

Repayment for tuition reimbursement received only applies to those who voluntarily terminate their employment.  Full reimbursement is owed to NCTCOG for any tuition reimbursement payments received for undergraduate, graduate or continued education courses in the twelve (12) months preceding your last date of employment.  If you have received reimbursement for doctoral level courses, full reimbursement is owed for any tuition reimbursement payments received in the twenty-four (24) months preceding the last date of employment. If repayment for tuition reimbursement is owed, this amount will be deducted from your final check.


Unemployment benefits, tax services and career information:

Retirement (401, 457, Roth IRA): MissionSquare Retirement | MissionSquare

Health benefits, account balances, Healthy Initiatives, flexible spending and claims information: TX Health Benefits Pool

Life insurance: The Standard Corporation, or 1.800.633.8575

Employee Assistance Program (available through the end of the month in which you separate): 888.993.7650 or Deer Oaks EAP (password: nctcog)

Long term care: Prudential