No Idling School Zone


No Idling School Zones

Anti-Idling LogoTen counties in North Central Texas currently violate the federal air quality standard for the pollutant ozone. To meet these standards, the region must address major contributing factors to emissions from vehicles. The region’s goal is to come into compliance for ozone as early as possible to ensure the greatest quality of life for all residents in the area.

During school pickup and drop-off times, long lines of idling cars and buses are a regular occurrence. Reducing idling in school zones can help in protecting the health of school aged children and contribute to improved air quality in our community. The EngineOff NorthTexas! campaign is aimed promoting anti-idling initiatives at schools throughout North Texas, engaging school administrative staff and parent/teacher associations in developing a regional model to address this problem; and share local case studies where anti-idling efforts have succeeded. 

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