Fort Worth - US 287 Berry Vaughn


2005-2006 Call for Projects
Status:  Complete

The US 287 Berry Vaughn Sustainable Development Infrastructure project extended road infrastructure to include a right-turn lane onto Berry Street and increase pedestrian amenities around the intersection at Berry St. and Vaughn Blvd. The project also added landscaping, pedestrian lighting, and traffic signals.

This project has allowed for safer pedestrian connections to Renaissance Square in Fort Worth, which now includes various restaurants and local commercial stores near US Highway 287. Additionally, the street improvements have increased connectivity to nearby the 244-acre Cobb Park, which features Sycamore Creek and the Trinity Trail System. The development is just north of two schools and multiple housing complexes, which over time are expected to continue adding new housing options in the vicinity.

The project cost of $1,563,561 was funded through public-private partnerships. 


                               Fort Worth US 287 Map
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