Benbrook - Town Center

2000-2001 Call for Projects

Status: Complete

The Benbrook Town Center is a mixed-used development site built to increase the City’s local appeal and promote pedestrian-friendly designs that connect residential neighborhoods with Town Center.

The development was built just south of IH 20 and east of Hwy 377, where there were several existing neighborhoods around the exterior of the developed site. 

Residents around the Town Center development live within a half-mile of the City Hall, Benbrook Public Library, Benbrook Elementary School, Community Garden, and Timber Creek Park. Thanks to the increased infrastructure added with the Town Center development, the local residents can easily walk or bike to these primary destinations.

Funding was provided by NCTCOG and the City to relocate two ramps along IH 20 and construct a new turn-around for improved vehicular mobility into the Town Center. Additionally, the City provided funding to construct improved street infrastructure, sidewalks, and lighting; install landscaping; and create plans for future business growth in the vicinity.

The project cost of $1,212,500 was funded through public-private partnerships. 

Mixed-Use Information
  • Added 786 housing units
  • Added 400,000 sq. ft. of commercial space
  • New Town Square and City Hall
Benbrook Town Map
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