Lewisville - Old Town Plaza

      This is a photo of the plaza in downtown Lewisville
      This is a photo of Lewisville's City Hall
Lewisville streetscaping
Images courtesy of NCTCOG


2000-2001 Call for Projects
Status:  Complete

Old Town Plaza is an open space redevelopment project in Historic Downtown Lewisville located a half-mile west of the Denton County Transit Authority’s (DCTA) Old Town Commuter Rail Station. The new plaza area has access to the DCTA’s Route 22 bus line, which services most of Central Lewisville and connects to two rail stations that provide access to Downtown Denton and Downtown Dallas. 

The project included construction of Wayne Ferguson Plaza across the street from City Hall on West Church Street, developing land for mixed-use buildings, and improved pedestrian infrastructure,  including sidewalks, pedestrian crossing features, public amenities, and bicycle infrastructure.

The development was designed to provide the City with a higher residential and commercial density via mixed-use land development and create a safe environment for pedestrians. The public plaza has improved the pedestrian experience downtown and enhanced the connections between the local retail spaces, City Hall, and the Lewisville Arts Center. Since completion, the Plaza has become a hub for local events such as concerts, art pop-ups, and outdoor fitness classes.

The project cost of $1,800,000 was funded through public-private partnerships.

Mixed-Use Information

  • 141 townhome units
  • 78,408 sq. ft. of open space
  • 36,000 sq. ft. of art center
This is an aerial view of Old Town Plaza in Lewisville
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