Dallas - Continental Mixed-Use

This is an image of a sidewalk near the 11-story formerly vacant office in downtown Dallas that is a part of The Continental Mixed-Use project.

2009-2010 Call for Projects
Status: Complete


The Continental Mixed-Use project is a redevelopment of an 11-story formerly vacant office in downtown Dallas that was converted into a mixed-use development with residential units,  ground level retail, and underground parking. The development is on a DART bus transit route and is about a quarter-mile away from the St. Paul DART Light Rail Station.  

Located across the street from this development is a Main Street Garden Park that features a dog run and WiFi access. Other points of interest within close proximity include the “Giant Eyeball” sculpture, various restaurants, and Majestic Theater. The added pedestrian amenities, landscaping, and intersection improvements on Commerce, Prather, Jackson, and St. Paul Streets provide improved pedestrian accessibility and safety to these local amenities.

The project cost of $759,674 was funded through public-private partnerships. 


Mixed-Use Information

  • 5,359 sq. ft. of retail
  • 203 multifamily residential units 
Graphic of Dallas' Continental Mixed Use Development
Click on the image for an expanded view of the project area.