Carrollton - Transit-Oriented Development Catalyst

Development around Transit areas

2009-2010 Call for Projects 
Status: Complete

The Carrollton TOD Catalyst Infrastructure Project enhances the connection between Downtown Carrollton, the Union Station mixed-use development, and the Carrollton Downtown Rail Station. Improvements include street construction to extend Vandergriff Drive between Broadway and Myers Street and pedestrian amenities and landscaping to enhance the entrance to the downtown square. The project also includes a hike and bike trail along the Union Pacific rail line. 

This project provides improved vehicular and pedestrian access to nearby amenities such as Pioneer Park, Francis Perry Park, and Crosby Recreation Center, as well as a variety of local shops and restaurants.

The project cost of $1,931,791 was funded through public-private partnerships. 

Mixed-Use Information

  • 4,500 sq. ft. of restaurant space
  • 5,550 sq. ft. of flex space
  • 179 residential units 
Aerial/satellite view from above Carrollton's transit development project completed in 2010.          
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