Plano - Transit Village

   This is a photo of DART's Parker Station in Plano
          This is a photo of the neighborhood around DART's downtown Plano station
             This is a photo of mixed-use development in downtown Plano


2000-2001 Call for Projects
Status: Complete

Plano’s Eastside (Transit) Village is a transit-oriented development next to the DART’s Downtown Plano Station between East 15th Street and I Avenue. This station provides the City with access to the Red and Orange light rail lines that reach all the way to Downtown Dallas. Downtown Plano also has numerous bus stops that connect to several DART bus lines, giving residents affordable access to much of Plano. 

The original development along East 15th Street opened with mixed-use buildings incorporating residential units, retail spaces, and a central parking garage serving both residents and local commuters. The site includes Haggard Park, City Hall, City service centers, and local businesses. The City of Plano has also established plans to continue to improve the pedestrian-friendly environment.

NCTCOG and the City provided funding for various pedestrian improvements around downtown to serve the mixed-use projects in the historic core. The pedestrian improvements included an off-street bike/pedestrian trail from the DART Parker Station past Downtown Plano to the Bush Turnpike Station. The other improvements included redesigning East 15th Street from G Avenue to I Avenue to increase walkability and add pedestrian amenities.

Plano Transit Village was a 2003 Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence (CLIDE) Award recipient.

The project cost of $2,089,616 was funded through public-private partnerships.

Mixed-Use Information

  • 40,000 sq. ft. of retail space
  • 500 residential units
  • Downtown rail station
  Plano Transit Village Map Overview
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