Standing Subcommittees

Multimodal/Intermodal/High-Speed Rail/Freight Subcommittee
This Subcommittee’s responsibility is to develop more thoughtful approaches to the region’s multimodal/intermodal needs for both people and goods.  Reducing traffic congestion within corridors and bottlenecks between modes, increasing efficiency and safety, and improving air quality require a more cohesive transportation approach.  This Subcommittee will review options for corridor selection, mode selection, corridor priorities, and funding associated with rail and intermodal facilities.  In addition, the Subcommittee will maintain a dialogue on issues of common interest with the private sector and investigate opportunities for partnerships.  The Subcommittee will also include representatives from the private sector freight and potential high-speed rail providers.
  • Next Meeting Date, To Be Determined
  • Previous Meetings,  May 10, 2018/ Presentation

Ad Hoc Subcommittees

Bylaws Revision Subcommittee Nominating Subcommittee
Legislation and Finance Partnership Subcommittee

Previous meeting, 11:30 am, November 8, 2018 (Agenda)
Project Mediation Subcommittee

For more information, contact: Toni Stehling.