Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Try and Drive Alternative

Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities (DFWCC) Try and Drive Alternative is a regional initiative dedicated to giving fleets and consumers the opportunity to try and drive alternative fuel vehicles and clean vehicle technologies. Efforts are focused on fleets and consumers experiencing clean vehicle technologies first-hand to help decide if purchasing that technology – such as an electric vehicle, telematics, or a refueling system – is a good fit. The purpose of this initiative is to increase adoption and use of the cleanest available technologies and help improve air quality as quickly as possible.


Why Participate?


Opportunity to Try Before you Buy

Experience Clean Vehicle Technologies before committing to purchase such as:
      1. Alternative fuel vehicles
      2. Vehicles demonstrating operation of aftermarket technologies such as
           EPA or CARB certified repowers, alternative fuel upfits, or conversion kits
           EPA SmartWay® verified technologies or other EPA-verified retrofits
     3. Skid-mount, mobile, or other non-permanent alternative fuel infrastructure
     4. Telematics systems that include ability to monitor idle time

To See Options for a Technology Trial:

View the directory of vehicles and technologies available for demo here. Further instructions for participation are contained in the directory.

Clean Vehicle Technology Providers:

Opportunity to Increase Exposure

  • Clean Vehicle Technology Providers have a better chance of getting a consumer or fleet to purchase a Clean Vehicle Technology if they have had the chance to use the product first!

  • DFWCC will send Try and Drive opportunities to our list of over 1000 local governments, fleets, and consumer contacts via our DFWCC Newsflash and Eblasts.

To Offer a Technology for Trial:

To be considered for providing clean vehicle technologies in the DFWCC Try and Drive Alternative Program, prospective providers need to:

  1. Review the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Try and Drive Alternative  Guidelines.
  2. Draft a response to the Potential Provider Questionnaire within the Guidelines.
  3. Follow the submission instructions outlined in the Guidelines.
  4. Participate in a kick-off meeting to review expectations and answer provider questions.

Before adding to the DFWCC Try and Drive Alternative Directory, staff will evaluate the submission to ensure that the Provider and proposed Technologies align with program objectives and requirements (e.g., all verifications/certifications are documented and verified).  Inclusion in the directory does not constitute NCTCOG’s endorsement of the participating Clean Vehicle Technology Provider. 

This is an ongoing request for participation and Clean Vehicle Technology Providers can submit at any time while the initiative is ongoing.  NCTCOG/DFWCC anticipates adding providers to the directory, and promoting opportunities to fleets and other end users, approximately once a month and continuing until the end of the project, approximately mid to late 2021. 

For more information about this project contact Clean Cities at cleancities@nctcog.org