Existing Services

This page includes information on the transit services currently available in the North Central Texas Region. There are three transit authorities in the region: Trinity Metro, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, and Denton County Transportation Authority. In a metropolitan area as large as Dallas-Fort Worth, all transit partners large and small play a role in connecting people to their destination. Public transportation provides people in North Central Texas with access to essential opportunities, reduces the number of cars on the roads, relieves congestion for those who drive, and improves air quality for all. The most common transportation modes include buses, commuter rail, paratransit services, shuttles, and vanpool.

There are numerous public transportation providers in North Central Texas. Providers offer a wide range of service that vary by agency and location. Please contact the providers listed below for more information on available services.

Transit Provider



City and Rural Rides  325-625-4491 https://www.cityandruralrides.com/
City/County Transportation 817-641-1800 https://www.cleburne.net/148/City-County-Transportation-Cletran
Collin County Rides 469-470-2325 https://www.dart.org/ccr/
Collin County Transit 940-243-0077 https://www.dcta.net/service-overview/additional-services/collin-county-transit
Community Transit Services 903-872-2401 https://www.csicorsicana.org/transit/
Dallas Area Rapid Transit  214-749-3278 https://www.dart.org/
Denton County Transit Authority 972-221-4600 https://www.dcta.net/
Frisco Demand Response Service 940-243-0077 https://www.dcta.net/service-overview/additional-services/frisco-demand-response
Grand Connection 972-237-8545 https://www.gptx.org/city-government/city-departments/transportation-services/transit
Handitran 817-459-5390 https://www.arlingtontx.gov/city_hall/departments/handitran
Northeast Transporatation Service  817-336-8714 https://www.ridenets.com/
Public Transit Services  940-328-1391 https://publictransitservices.org/
Senior Center Resources and Public Transit 903-454-1444 https://www.scrpt.org/
Span Transit 940-382-1900 https://span-transit.org/
STAR Transit 877-631-5278 https://www.startransit.org/
Texoma Area Paratransit System 844-603-6048 https://tapsbus.com/
The Transit System 254-897-2964 https://business.granburychamber.com/list/member/the-transit-system-inc-5007514
Trinity Metro 817-215-8600 https://ridetrinitymetro.org
Via Rideshare 817-784-7382 https://ridewithvia.com/arlington


My Ride North Texas is a regional mobility management initiative designed to provide members of the public with relevant transit information through a 24-hour call center. Click here to learn more.

The Get-A-Ride-Guide is a resource which provides information on various transportation resources throughout the North Central Texas region. It contains information on public transportation services, specialized transportation services, medical transportation services, private transportation services, vanpool and carpool services, accessible van rentals, driver safety resources, and referral resources.
View the Get-A-Ride-Guide Here.

Our region contains several vanpool programs that allow groups of riders to share a van, similar to the intent of a carpool. Click here to learn more.

The Texas Department of Transportation is an excellent resource for additional public transit information not found on our webpage. Click here to learn more.

For more information about existing transit services in the North Central Texas region, contact us at TOTeam@nctcog.org or contact a member of the Transit Team.