Mobility 2045: 2022 Update

The Mobility 2045: 2022 Update draft materials are available. Reasonable funding sources to help meet the current and growing transportation needs are included in the draft plan.  Consideration of the draft plan by the Regional Transportation Council is expected on June 9, 2022. 

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Draft Plan Materials

Draft Maps

2023 Levels of Congestion/Delay 2045 Levels of Congestion/Delay 2045 No-Build Levels of Congestion/Delay
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Changes to Major Roadway Recommendations Major Roadway Recommendations Highway Corridor Projects

Tolled Managed Lane Policy Boundary with 2045 Congestion Priced Facilities Priced Facilities with Tolled Managed Lane Policy Boundary
Arterial Capacity Improvements Existing Arterial Network Deficiency Electric Vehicle Registration and Charging Stations
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Changes to Transit Corridor Projects Major Transit Corridor Recommendations Transit Corridor Projects
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High-Speed Rail Automated Transportation System Recommendations Regional Veloweb

Draft Tables

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Freeway/Tollway Draft Listing Regionally Significant Arterials Draft Listing Transit Recommendation Draft Listing
3/11/2022 3/11/2022 3/11/2022
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Policy Draft Listing

Program Draft Listing

Policy Bundle Draft Listing

2/22/2022 2/22/2022 2/22/2022 

Draft Plan Documents


1 - Introduction 2/25/2022
2 - Financial Reality 4/22/2022
3 - Social Considerations 4/22/2022
4 - Environmental Considerations 4/22/2022
5 - Operational Efficiency 2/25/2022
6 - Mobility Options 4/22/2022
7 - Transportation Technology 4/1/2022
8 - Regional Performance 3/11/2022
9 - Conclusion 2/25/2022


A. Financial Reality 2/25/2022
B. Social Considerations 4/22/2022
C. Environmental Considerations 4/22/2022
D. Operational Efficiency 2/25/2022
E. Mobility Options 4/22/2022
F. Transportation Technology 2/25/2022
G. Regional Performance 3/11/2022
H. Policy Bundle 2/25/2022


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How to Comment on the Draft Plan

NCTCOG invites your feedback on the plans for the future of transportation in the Dallas-Fort Worth region during the 60-day public comment period, beginning April 1, 2022 and concluding May 31, 2022, using the online comment form.

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Comments can also be submitted at any time by email to, by phone to (817) 695-9240, or by mail to North Central Texas Council of Governments, P.O. Box 5888, Arlington, TX 76005-5888. Social media comments to @NCTCOGTrans will also inform and be included in the draft plan.