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Air Quality Funding Programs - Agreement Information and Forms

This website provides information for recipients of air quality-related grant funding from the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG).  Recipients of grant funding are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the grant process and forms outlined below. 

Just Received a Grant Agreement from NCTCOG?

The following steps provide general guidance on the process you should follow after receiving an Agreement from NCTCOG.
  Please note that each program has its own requirements, so be sure to communicate with your NCTCOG staff contact.

Usage Reporting
Email updates
  • Review Agreement.
    Contact the NCTCOG staff contact with any questions.

  • Sign and return Agreement and applicable Appendices.
    These documents must be signed by the Authorized Official for your organization, who is usually listed in the grant application.  Some Agreements require signature on the following Appendices as part of the execution process:
         -  Lobbying Certification and Disclosure of Lobbying Activities   
         -  Lower-Tier Participant Debarment Certification

  • NCTCOG will sign and return a copy of the Agreement.
    Once signed by NCTCOG, the Agreement is considered executed.

  • Begin Monitoring and Tracking Usage (for applicable projects).
          -  Usage reports are due to NCTCOG on a regular basis and should be entered through the
             Usage Reporting website.
          -  Both usage commitments and reporting schedules are included in the Grant Agreement.
          -  For guidance on how to maintain usage records, visit the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP)

Reimbursement Forms
Reimbursement requests require submission of the following forms.  These forms do not need to be completed during the Agreement execution process.

Important Documents/Other Forms


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