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Bicycle Route Signage Types

bike postClick the gray bars below to explore several examples of varying types of bike signage.



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Destination, Direction and Distance Signage

Example of a distance, direction or destination sign from North Richland Hills
North Richland Hills, TX

Destination, Direction and Distance Signs can help to:
          - Share existing knowledge of trail and street networks.
          - Confirms route travel and encourages a broader user base to reference the signs.
          - Bike route numbers can be added to the basic sign.


Example of a distance, direction or destination sign from Chicago IL
Chicago, IL

Share the Road Signs

An example of a share the road signAnother example of a share the road signyellow bike sign that says allow full use of lanes
                      Australia                                                 Oregon                                                 California


Share the Road Signs can help to:
          - Indicates that motorists and cyclists have the right to share the road.
          - Can be indicated with a Share the Road sign or a SHARROW pavement marking. (See Bike Lanes)
          - Often used on narrow roads with little right-of-way for bike lane expansion.

Bike Lanes and Bike Routes Signs

Bike Lane MarkingBike Lane Marking

Sharrow Lane Markings in Seattle
SHARROW Lane Markings in Seattle

Bike Lanes and Bike Route Signs:
          - Typically a 4’ wide lane on the right side of the road way.
          - Cyclists are encouraged to use the lanes, but it not mandated.
          - Education of motorist and cyclist perceptions is necessary to minimize conflicts.

Transit Signage

Bike Load sign for bus


Transit Signage:
          - Bicycles are allowed on most buses and trains.
          - Notify the driver or conductor of your stop, especially if additional time/space are needed to unload.

bicycle storage signlimit 2 bikes in car sign

Recreational Signs

recreational bike signs

Recreational Signage:
          - Directs trail users to the trail start, other access points, and indicates the Code of Conduct.
          - Alerts trail users to potential hazards or road crossings.
          - Offers distance and directional information.

Recreational Bike Sign

recreational bike signrecreational sign


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