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Bicycle Route Signage Placement

transportation imagePlacing a bicycle sign for maximum exposure can be a difficult prospect.
The suggestions in the table below are meant to help with those decisions.



Sign Position

Placement Recommendation


Bike Lane

 -  A bike route shall be marked with an AHEAD sign and shall be directly below a BIKE LANE at the beginning and an ENDS at the termination of the route

 - Located at key decision making points intersections and changes in direction



  In urban areas, signs placed:
  ·  at every turn
  ·  at all signal intersections
  ·  every ¼ mile

Refer to AASHTO and MUTCD for additional on-street details.

bike sign placement graphic

Shared Use Path

  - Shared use signs shall be placed so that other road way users are not confused by the advisories

 - Lateral Clearance

 - Mounting Height

 - Overhead Signs

  From sign edge to path edge:

Minimum 3’; Maximum 6’

  ·  From ground to sign edge
Minimum 4’;  Maximum 5’

  ·  Clearance from lower sign edge to path Minimum 8’ and accommodates necessary maintenance vehicles

  Example: Stop sign for bike lane only

stop sign for bike lane only

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