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Bicycle Signage Color Codes

Bicycle Guide Sign ExamplessLike many other of the signs around us, bicycle signs have meaning based on their color presented. Several examples of those colors and signs are shown in the menu below.

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Yellow~ Warning Signs

Warning Sign   
White Rock Lake – Dallas, TX

Uses of Warning Signs may include:
          - Alerting the motorist to unexpected entries by bicyclists
          - Steep grades
          - Curving roadways
          - Other crossing activities that may cause conflicts

Examples of Warning Signs


Green~ Guide Signs

Guide Sign   
Washington, DC

Uses of Guide Signs may include:
          - On Street
          - Off-street trials
          - Urban Centers
          - Decision Points
          - Confirmation of direction, distance, or destination
          - Route Direction

Examples of Warning Signs

Red, White and Black~ Regulatory Signs

Regulatory Signs   
Denton Rail Trail – Denton, TX

Uses of Regulatory Signs may include:
          - Rail Control
          - Trail Heads
          - Intersections
          - Points of Conflict
          - Changes in Direction

Examples of Warning Signs

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