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Homeland Security Grant Program


General Information and Resources:
2010-2015 Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan
FY2010 HSGP Grant Guidance
Homeland Security Grant Timelines
Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP)
HSGP Eligibility Requirements

Information Regarding Availble HSGP Grant Programs:
Citizen Corps Grant Program: At a Glance [PDF]
Buffer Zone Protection Program:- At a Glance [PDF]
Nonprofit Security Grant Program: At a Glance [PDF]
Homeland Security Grant Program: At a Glance [PDF]
State Homeland Security Grant Program: At a Glance [PDF]
Urban Area Security Initiative Grant Program: At a Glance [PDF]

Other Available Grant Programs:
Assistance to Fireflighters Grants: At a Glance [PDF]

The Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) integrates the State Homeland Security Program (SHSP), the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI), the Citizen Corps Program (CCP) and the Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) Program Grants into a single application kit. Funding from this combined program will significantly enhance the ability of states, territories, urban areas, and local agencies to prevent, deter, respond to, and recover from threats and incidents of terrorism. The Governor of the State of Texas has designated the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) as the State Administrative Agency (SAA) to apply for and administer the funds under HSGP.

For more information regarding available grant programs, refer to FEMA's grant and assistance program website at:

The SAA is the only agency eligible to apply for HSGP funds and is responsible for obligating HSGP funds to local units of government and other designated recipients.




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